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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  November 1, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. >> new york city airports back the subway partially in service. >> but the recover from the storm killed 75 people in the is just beginning. let's get the latest from new
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york. >> superstorm sandy may have destructiont the behind continues to have a lasting impact. in hoboken, new jersey, national rolled in where 20,000 flooded in stranded homes. stillter of this city is supplies arend running low. farther south, the powerful lifted homes from their foundations and ruptured gas spreading fears of a e explosion. a> everywhere you go, you hear noise of the open gas lines. >> utility crews cannot reach fire in an affluent jersey e neighborhood and are until they can shut off the gas. york, it really is a tale cities. nie you can see the stark difference. manhattan split in half. those with power and those without. above 34th street, the lights
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are on. below 34th street, it's dark and vacant. but gribble little scary, we just have to make it work. >> 14 of 23 subway lines in the running on a limited basis. traffic on the street remains clogged. mayor ordered an unprecedented passenger menem for all three-car minimum. in brooklyn, share a shovel into , that's another idea. >> the lights are back on in our area for the vast majority of people impacted by hurricane sandy. pepco is telling us it has restored power to the last of its impacted customers, last night. dominion still has the 1600 without power. that 20 by to get
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the end of today. passed 5600 customers in the dark in southern maryland. that fixed byave tomorrow night. years of flooding beginning to subside all across the area. adam caskey has more on that in your forecast. the fear of flooding should be subsiding. are quickly levels subsiding. flooded by israel for the entire region. advisory. it's for the district of columbia, around georgetown, a coastal flood advisory until midnight. tide at 10:37 this evening. water levels will be 1.5 feet normal outside, nothing unusual and for a big rainfall event in the area. that's the only flood advisory have to speak of at the . live super doppler 7 radar
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, areas of green, especially fairfax county from burke springfield and across potomac, prince george's , south of bowie, just a sprinkles. also, frederick county, east of highway 15 and around winchester as well. r screen.s on the rada midday sprinkles. they will be pretty short-lived. then a few sunny breaks this afternoon, temperatures in the low 50's. a few of us, mid 50's. >> thanks so much. the following breaking news. scandal at penn state. criminal charges being filed former university spanier. graham chris van cleve is in the newsroom following the story. online court records confirm former president perjuryds accused of
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children inr and the jerry sandusky scandal. he was also charged with obstruction and conspiracy. two other former penn state employees also face additional charges. the athletic director tim schooland the retired y schultz have gar also had charges added. were arrested last year and charged with perjury properly report d abuse.d chil they are scheduled to stand trial in january. in august, graham spanier his innocence in an afteriew with abc news posingmer fbi director investigation accused the former ofversity president intentionally covered up child abuse. that report is absolutely wrong. the conclusions in that report we conspired to conceal a child predator are just >> rrect. has now been charged with
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perjury, obstruction, welfare of the children, and conspiracy. the other two will face charges of endangering the welfare of children, obstruction, and conspiracy. we expect a press conference shortly give us more informations about the charges. we will bring you updates as we get it. convicted and was 50for 30- to priso years. kris van cleve reporting. five days until the election. today on the campaign trail, of trying toess win votes. obama beginning a after overseeing hurricane sandy response. mitt romney hitting virginia. let's skip the roundup from karen travers. >> full speed ahead today. getting back to business. after three days off the trail
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due to superstorm sandy, it's freeobama battlegrounds. mitt romney spends his entire in virginia, state that republicans are desperate to win. >> this is a critical place for us. five more days. >> the latest abc news poll shows a dead heat nationally. both sides claim to be winning in the battleground. president obama is a head its three poles in the most critical ones. president obama is working to shore up his midwest firewall. ohio, wisconsin, iowa will see a attention from him over the next five days. in virginia today. yesterday he spent all day in florida. both states he absolutely must order to get to the white house. neither side can say for sure the impact sandy has had on the race. past today's, was on the trail talking
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bipartisanship while obama had the op showing it republicanrsey christie, one of romney's biggest allies. obama got high marks for his handling of the storm in poll.test >> a great guy, very had governor whitman. -- with him. >> the next five days will be campaigning, and intense sprint to the finish line. stay with us abc 7 for the comprehensive coverage of the race for the white house. at 12:30 will talk with our "politico" about to watch for. a developing story in stafford county. manhunt underway for a man making pipe bombs and using them in a tax. lauren spierer accused of three peoplee attacks against with close ties to law- enforcement. brianne carter is live in
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latest on thethe search. using a pipe bombs in .ttacks >> authorities are still aggressively searching for the virginia state alert for thean they believe is armed dangerous. a multistate man want is ongoing old, nowr the 25-year- charges after out of three pipe bomb attacks. >> of violent crime like that, never had that around here. it's early tuesday morning april pipe bomb into a fredericksburg home, blowing a hole in the rules. the alleged crime spree continued in stafford where he bombed two more homes. investigators believed two of incidents target in stafford county , virginia state issued a blue alert, a suspect targeting law-enforcement. >> this guy is extremely dangerous. we believe he has explosive devices and is traveling with.
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>> this man lives down the from one of the targeted homes. >> i heard a loud bang while i was sleeping and it woke me up. >> on a website belonging to the says, "if i am to be wrongdoing, i should fun."st have some were no injuries reported with any of these incidents. authorities are actively searching for the suspect. brianne carter reporting from stafford. >> a maryland man dead after a shooting in northeast washington. body shop the 25-year-old anthony webber in an alleyway street and the street. run but collapsed in the streets. not release a motive. >> an early morning chase in d.c. and with three arrests. police took a suspect custody in the 600 block of morton street northeast. it was related to a traffic stop and officers found a gun and the states are in the suspect's car. the investigation continues. a long history in northeast
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with aton -- a building history in northeast on fire.n union terminal. jummy olabanji has reaction from the community. >> d.c. fire crews were seen in the out hotspots building.dering outtwo-alarm blaze broke late last night. appears to started just wednesday night at market in northeast. they believe it started at a produce store and quickly spread other businesses and buildings. >> its one building after the other. owner of the meat says when he got to work 4: 30 this morning he got it his business that was on fire. >> we walked around the corner and was still burning. police blocked off several streets around the market. say it took more than
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five hours to put out the fire. as a precaution, the shot off power supply to many of the including his, so he went out to buy a generator to keep business going. >> for the lights and computers. >> the investigation into what fire and is under way at this hour. right now we don't know how much business was lost in the blaze. jummy olabanji reporting from northeast washington. >> coming up, a traffic mishap prompted a to appoint five our cleanup of an unusual mess. i punched aer >> account the great white shark and survived. also, a mixture of clouds and son outside. adam caskey back with
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>> a california surfer with story after a close encounter. reason he's around is his quicktory and fast >> i did not feel much pain
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until i woke up this morning. greg the 25-year-old scott stevens is alive after being juvenile great shark off the nor the city bay.umble >> it was about to for your feet .ong the the tip of the nose to dorsal fin. not enter the chest the abdominal cavity. it almost looks like scalpel lacerations. this is his surfboard after the attack. he said that they grabbed him him under. >> it kind of shook me. convince even started to fight back. >> i opened my eyes under water it in the side of
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couple times to release me. start paddlingto .n on a wave then a fellow surfer held him together. used our body weight. i would not have thought of top of somebody. great information for me for the future if. that if the help he had before the hospital easier.ake their job despite what happened, he is thankful to the doctors and surgeons and he says this will from his passion surfing. >> i will be back out there. nothing kinky be out of the water. -- nothing can keep me out of
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water. >> i go fishing in florida, to waist and i carry a big night .nd just in case and i do practice getting it out quickly. anyway, let's talk about the weather around here. bad day. compared to what it has been, we will take this. calm and not very easy. a beautiful sunrise. let's look at the time lapse in right now. sun this morning with a little cover, makes for some nice color. clouds return -- gray clouds. now we have gray skies. 49 degrees at reagan national y at the roosevelt n to the 14th street bridge. 49 degrees, dew point of 35. and northwest wind, 8 miles an
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hour. on the cool side locally and northwest of town. gaithersburg, 45 in winchester, 49 at dulles airport, 57 in fredericksburg, lexington park where there's been more sunshine. look at live super doppler 7. a few sprinkles. first, over the south side of beltway, the wilson bridge rea, stretching from burke springfield and across into upper marlborough, just a few sprinkles out there to speak of. headed northbound, straddling frederick and even clipping parts of upper montgomery county hills, a few sprinkles as well, and off to west, near winchester, shenandoah valley. a few sprinkles.
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in southern maryland, some sunshine. white is the clouds. ground.k is just the rappahannock and culpeper , sunshine. fredericksburg, 57 degrees at this time. satellite and radar composite, notice the circulation, leftovers from sandy. the upper level circulation in canada, the quebec area. there is the circulation, the upper level low pressure system. but there is energy swinging in backside of that which drop in early tomorrow morning. i do think that could bring us a more sprinkles tomorrow maybe one or two flurries tomorrow morning. nothing to get excited about or about, just isolated snowflakes. and a freeze watch in effect far of washington from 4:00 a.m. through 9:00 a.m.
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33-40 degrees for the low temperatures by tomorrow morning, partly cloudy. there's a slight chance of a isolated snow flurry morning, nothing to get excited about. moseley cloudy, cool and breezy tomorrow, highs in the low to mid '50's. in the lowwill be 50's tomorrow afternoon. partly cloudy and good in the cool but agreeable for next several days. >> how the red carpet is being people help millions of impacted by hurricane sandy. and for,, katie couric has been out a show tune, today she's done with the broadway cast of danny. it will talk with the cast members past and present. anncr: which do you believ
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what mitt romney's tv ads say about women? or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i believe the supreme court... should overturn roe v. wade?
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yes. and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade. hopefully reverse r v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. planned parenthood, we're goin g to get rid of that. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. anncr: no matter what mitt romney's ads say. we know what he'll do. president obama: i'm barackob. i approve this message.
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captioned by the national captioning institute taking on hurricane sandy. will push the goods and the country music to work tonight. brad paisley and carrie use tonight's telecast to help the red cross for storm victims.
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>> country fans are so amazing giving, to make sure can pitch in, to be important. >> among the performers are antebellum,, lady chesney, and a musical willie nelson and all board's. .- big awards >> autria godfrey will be on the carpet starting tonight. >> we will get a report from the york on recovery efforts. driving miss have led to this big
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>> the detroit pistons open up their 2012-2013 season. as the chemical to a close, the smoke becauseith of a malfunctioning smoke game for alaying the few minutes. insult to injury, the lost.s >> in japan, it was not smoke but fire that made for a huge mess. take a look at this. all of this started when a small pipe with foama out into the streets. it took two and a half hours of for the mess to get it all cleaned up. patrol agents
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say suspected smugglers try to this jeepdrive 14-foot-high ramp, but was they did not over at room to turn it e top and it got stuck. the suspect ditched the vehicle back into mexico. >> coming up, we will go to new on ther the very latest anncr: it's said that character is what we do... when we think no one is lookg. mitt romney: believe that they are victims. anncr: mitt romney thought no one was looking when... he attacked forty-seven percent of americans. his companies shipped jobs overseas. his plan cuts millionaires' taxes, but raises yours. he'll voucherize medicare... and make catastrophic cuts to education. so remember what romney said... and what his plan would do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.


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